At St. Gilbert's we set homework each Friday to be returned by Tuesday. It is our expectation that homework is well presented, carefully completed and demonstrates care and attention. Homework is marked by a member of staff with the children so that they can ask any questions they have about any problems they have encountered. 

We appreciate that homework can be a difficult subject with some children and are happy to support parents with this. Please make an appointment with your child's class teacher if there are any problems. 

In order to support other Literacy skills the children are expected to undertake daily reading and spelling homework. These are outlined below:

Daily Reading at Home

From very early in their time at St. Gilbert's children are given reading books to take home for the purpose of reading practice at home. It is expected that children should read for 10 minutes in EYFS & KS1 and starting at 15 minutes and working up to 30 minutes as the children progress through KS2. These are a guideline and a minimum if a child is happy and wishes to read more then we encourage that! Research has found that children who read lots often achieve well in most aspects of Literacy. Reading is a complex matter and so we have developed some helpful information and advice about how you can support your child as they progress through the school. 

Spelling Homework

Children across St. Gilbert's will have spelling and phonics homework set for them to support the learning in class. More information on this is given in the link below: 

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