The Green Trees School Award is an initiative run by The Woodland Trust. It allows children to celebrate the importance of woodland by completing environmental projects and outdoor learning. 

There are lots of different activities that can be done which will give us points to achieve the award and we will be taking part in some of these over the next school year.

Spring 1

This half-term, the year 6 children are leading an initiative to encourage the children in our school to recycle. They will be doing this by asking children (and parents) to send in their unwanted Christmas cards. Once we have collected the cards, some of the children will be taking them to Marks & Spencers in The Lowry to recycle. Marks & Spencers work closely with The Woodland Trust to encourage people to recycle the cards. Marks & Spencers then help The Woodland Trust to plant thousands of trees across the UK. If you would like to help us achieve points for this activity, please send in your Christmas cards. The last date to bring them in is Friday 13th January. 

Spring 2

This half-term the Reception children took a trip to Stockley Farm. Whilst we were there, we took a visit to the woods. We saw new buds appearing on the trees, animal homes and lots of different kinds of trees. We had a go at identifying some of the different trees using their leaves and we got them right! We saw a bug hotel and inside there were spiders, snails and centipedes! We also saw a badger and a rabbit hole which had been dug into a big mound of soil. We had lots of fun trying to see how many children would fit around the oldest tree in the wood. We managed to fit five children around it! We also saw lots of different birds and some ladybirds too. Our favourite animal that we saw in the woods was definitely the robin! It was really fun walking through the woods and learning lots about the trees and animals that live there. 

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