Year 1 Autumn 1(2017-2018)


Spring 1



Instructions on how to make Gingerbread men

In class today we made instructions on how ​to decorate a gingerbread man. We had great fun and created some fantastic work. 


World Faith week

In school this week we have been looking at Islam. We have found out lots of interesting facts about the Islamic faith. On Thursday we invited all of our mummies, daddies and grandparents in to help us create our very own mini prayer mats. We had lots of fun and are very thankful for all of our wonderful helpers. 


Pushes and pulls

In Science this term we are looking at pushes and pulls. Here are some examples of children doing pushes and pulls around the year one class room. 

 Autumn 2

Reading garden 

Miss Seddon and Mrs Morrison are blown away with how well all of our rea​ding is coming on. Year one really enjoy going into the reading corner and reading their own books with Rocky. 


Happy New Year!

IMG 1159

 Autumn 1

Making Rockets

Year 1 really loved making rockets as part of our Space explorers topic. 



Lark Hill Place 

Year One had a fabulous time at Lark Hill Place. The children greatly enjoyed learning about what it was like to be a child in Victorian times. The visit began with the children dressing up as a child from the past, exploring how washing was done prior to electricity, playing with old fashioned toys and visiting a recreated Northern street from Victorian times. What a great day of learning we had. Year One would like to say a big thank you to all of the parent helpers that made our trip possible





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