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about what Year 3 have been upto!





We are going to be looking at play scripts this half term. We will look at a Fantastic Mr Fox playscript and practise writing our own.


Geography - Italy

This half term we will be learning about Italy. We have already been on a visit to Pizza Express to learn about Italian food and culture, and to practise healthy and Italian eating by making our own pizzas!


 IMG 1844IMG 1859IMG 1858IMG 1849IMG 1862

Klaudia and Jamie won the competition for the best pizza dough.





Science - Skeletons and Muscles.

This half term we will be learning about animals including humans in science. We will be looking at nutrition, skeletons, muscles and joints.


Design Technology

In DT we will be designing and making our own bags. We will look at how to incorporate different features such as fastenings.



This half term we are learning to play the glockenspiel using Charanga and will compose our own music.






In PE this half term we will still be participating in outdoor PE with Mr Marshall on a Monday afternoon, but we will also be learning dance with Mrs Pearson on a Friday morning. Please make sure PE kits are in school all week!




The Romans

In the first half of autumn we will be learning about the Romans! 


This half term we will be learning about plants and how they grow. We will complete several experiments and investigations to find the best conditions for plants to grow in.

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