Emergency Procedures - advice for parents

An emergency is unexpected or atypical event that occurs and can threaten the safety and well-being of children, staff, people on school premises and the school itself. We rehearse for these events in the form of drills at a couple of points during the school year. 

We understand that should an emergency arise in school your main concern will be your child/ren’s safe return. This is also the main priority of all staff and we seek to keep all safe and free from danger and by working together calmly and professionally. Whilst dealing with an emergency or critical incident we will try to work normally with minimum disruption of the school and the children and families we serve as per our Emergency Procedures for Critical Incidents Policy. 

In an emergency the following things will occur:

  1. Our first priority is to get every person to the safest place we can and to get support from the relevant emergency services and people.
  2. The school has a defined team with designated roles during an emergency – these people may be operating in the school grounds or off-site depending on the scenario. Their work is essential to returning the school to a non-emergency state as such there are certain members of staff who are not immediately available.
  3. We have a team of trained First Aiders who can attend to anybody who is hurt or unwell. Nobody who has a medical or health concern should be left untreated. We will endeavour to communicate with you any details of First Aid your child may have received in the event of an emergency
  4. If/when evacuations occur, this is for the immediate safety of the children and staff. In the first instance children are evacuated to fire assembly point in the school grounds. Children will not be able to take any belongings if an evacuation occurs and items may not be able to be retrieved for some time in the aftermath of an event but this will be communicated as best we can.   
  5. We will notify parents as soon as we have optimum information – this message may be in the form of text message, twitter feed or a direct call. It will usually inform you of an incident (we may not always be able to divulge the full nature of the problem) and what the next steps are dependent on the situation. e.g. whether children need collecting.
  6. In some cases, due to the nature of the emergency, we may ask parents to stay away from school in the first instance. If this is the case, it is for the safety of all and we will endeavour to keep this time to a minimum. We ask that parents work with us in these scenarios for the safety of all involved - some ways you can support us are listed below.
  7. Our twitter feed, accessible from the school website as well as a twitter app, is the easiest and most up to date method of gathering updates from the school as it can be done remotely via mobile technologies which other services cannot guarantee. As such, if you are alerted to an emergency occurring at school, this may be the best way to stay up to date. Please feel free to share the information you see to help inform others.
  8. In some circumstances there may be a need for some or part of the school to evacuate to another site. Our secondary site for children to be taken to will be Holy Cross Church and Parish Centre and arrangements will be made and communicated for you to meet your child there.

You can best support the school during an emergency in the following ways:

  1. Keep calm– panic only leads to problems. If you feel that the information you are given is minimal it will be for a good reason. In order to help your child, parents remaining calm and rational is essential. 
  2. Help one another– school is always glad of parents who can help share messages we have sent and support one another in the event of an emergency.  
  3. Wait to communicate– it can be frustrating but, in the event of an emergency, school’s phone lines and communications may be damaged and those that aren’t will be vital to sorting the situation out. Please avoid contacting the school for updates or information – let us come to you and avoid blocking phone lines. 
  4. Forget the press– Should an emergency attract media attention, school will be working closely with the Council on the best way to manage the media and what information we can/should share. We ask that parents are discreet both when around the media and in their own social media postings. Remember it’s always best to leave ‘no comment’. 

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