What is the sports premium?

The Government is making available, to all schools, a sum of money to allow them to continue to develop sports provision within school and to help schools increase pupil participation in sporting activity. This money presently equates to £8000 per school.

At St Gilbert’s RC Primary school we aim to deliver a varied PE curriculum and we are committed to encourage more pupils in extra-curricular sporting activities and events. We aim to ensure that;

  • all children benefit regardless of ability
  • the most able children are given the opportunity to represent the school
  • staff have access to training opportunities and professional development
  • some activities may be subsidised so that pupils do not miss out due to financial constraints eg. swimming

Our funding 2013/2014

Paid for new equipment in the school including replacing our football post, nets and marking out the field with FA regulation football pitch. It also paid for a qualified netball coach.

Our funding in 2014/15 is being used to;

Pay for a qualified sports coach, the cost of which is far greater than the grant allocated. The coach will provide a wide range of sporting activities between 12.00 and 5pm Monday to Friday. Every child in the school will have access to this resource and optional, after school activities will be available at different times of the year for different age groups.

Although we are only half way through this academic year, we have witnessed a steep rise in the amount of interest in sporting activities at St Gilbert’s. Due to increased funding for P.E, we have been able to secure a Professional Sports Coach to plan and deliver the new P.E curriculum and run a wide variety of extra-curricular sports clubs. The enthusiasm and desire for sport has increased and 65% of KS2 pupils now participate in an extra-curricular sporting activity or club.


Many pupils at St Gilbert’s have become involved in a wide range of inter-school competitions this year and there are still many more to come in the Summer term.

Throughout the Autumn term, 15 pupils from Key Stage two joined a large number of schools in Salford in two Cross Country competitions. Previously we have only had a small group of pupils who have attended all meets, however this year our attendance has increased and we are hoping that this pattern will continue over the next few years. Our intentions are to run Cross Country clubs at lunchtimes and after school throughout the entire Autumn term next academic year to prepare the increasing number of pupils for the competitions.

The Year 5 and 6 Football teams have already proved their ability, winning 6 out of the 8 games played. Their biggest achievement so far has been an exceptional 10/0 win against a local, rival team. The teams, coached by Mr Stevens, practice on a weekly basis and as demonstrated during games work as a close, well-trained unit.

During the Spring and Summer terms, pupils will have the opportunity to compete in a variety of tournaments including a few we have not entered in previous years. These consist of Hockey, Rugby, Athletics, Netball and Rounders. Pupils will also be competing against their peers during our annual school sports week (w/b 18th May).

Extra-Curricular activities

Thanks to both Mr Stevens and outside agencies, pupils have access to a wide range of sporting activities as part of our extra-curricular programme.

Mr Stevens runs sports clubs every evening after school which change on a half-termly basis to ensure there is something of interest for all pupils. Currently these are available to pupils from Year 2 upwards, however as the evenings become lighter we are hoping to open them up to pupils as young as 5. Pupils in Key Stage Two are also given the opportunity to participate in sporting activities during lunchtime on a weekly basis.

Last year, in order to attract the attention of pupils who may sometimes steer away from sporting activities, we brought in ‘Junior Jam’ (a nationwide agency that specialise in dance). Junior Jam ran Cheerleading clubs for both Key Stage one and Key Stage two pupils which proved to be very popular. This year we are hoping to explore their wide range of clubs and perhaps invite them to run dance and aerobic clubs.

Parents and guardians of pupils who have attended our sports clubs were recently asked to fill in a short questionnaire expressing their views and opinions of the clubs and how they were run. All points made were extremely positive with parents stating that, ‘They improved my child’s team building skills with his peers’ and ‘It encouraged her to take up a new hobby’.

Physical Education Curriculum

Pupils at St Gilbert’s are taught Physical Education by our Professional Coach, Mr Stevens, and have access to one hour of quality-first teaching a week as well as all of the extra-curricular activities on offer. During the Spring term, Key Stage Two will also have the opportunity to be taught by Professional Coaches from Salford Reds Rugby Club who will be running a 6-week block of Rugby based P.E sessions.

When surveyed before Christmas, 85% of pupils said that they thoroughly enjoyed P.E lessons and when asked if they could think of any improvements, 7 out of 10 pupils stated they’re lessons were great as they were.

As our P.E curriculum is planned and delivered by a Professional Coach, all pupils are progressing and enjoying developing their skills. We are currently in the process of researching and trialling a means for assessing pupils’ progress in P.E and hope to have a system in place by the end of the Summer term in preparation for the next academic year.

Impact of Sports Funding

100% of KS2 children have been offered the opportunity for additional sporting activities at lunchtime and after school.

76% of KS2 children have taken up this offer and they tell us they enjoy taking part and learning from a specialist sports coach.

Assessments of children sporting skills inform us that all children have benefitted from increased fitness, raised self-esteem, flexibility and co-operation

50% of KS1 children have been offered additional P.E. activities beyond the basic curriculum. Of those who took up this offer, 100% have shown improvement in physical development.

Competitive sports have greatly increased in the school and have seen the school flourish in various sporting tournaments. Children are excited about taking part and are more confident with competitive sports.

The sports coach regularly uses the school minibus to transport pupils to sporting events therefore raising the school profile within the Salford community.


Evidencing the Impact of the PE and Sport Premium Grant 2016-17

Sports Premium 2017





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